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Event Planner & Owner

Desert Vibe Events

Bianca De La Garza

We are excited to introduce Desert Vibe events to the coachella valley, providing Event management and design solutions for your upcoming event. The success of your event leans on having the right team who is dedicated to you and your vision. Don’t leave your event up to chance or hope that it will be memorable. From Entertainment, design, staffing and a designated Event manager; we will provide the needed support you will need to execute the event of your dreams. 
We are solution oriented and have been told often that we go above and beyond for our clients; this means the world to us. So why such excitement over a party? It is amazing to sit back and listen to the client’s vision. To see the excitement and sometimes nervousness as they tell me about their event
I cherish their trust in me to recreate a new world for them. Together we create a party, a transformed moment to add to their collection of family photos. Sometimes to Celebrate a union, a new life, success and even easing the pain of loss. all and always to say…I love you. 
It is breathtaking as I watch the event unfold. as the tears fall, people embrace and the lights are dimmed. excitement and gratitude fill the room for a night where everyone can just “BE”. To me, it’s more than a fancy party, as all the details come together. It can be magic but never…
JUST…a party.

Bianca De La Garza

Our Amazing Team